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Camping at the Gorge

Terrace Camping

Wake up with the best views The Gorge has to offer. With lush grass fronts, a gravel parking bay, and breathtaking views across the Gorge, Terrace camping is the way to go if you want to step your camping experience up a notch. Situated between Premier camping and the Gorge Amphitheatre, this area is the quietest of the camping areas.

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The Gorge Terrace

Terrace camping sites measure up to 18’ x 40’. Enjoy exclusive, clean, and private restrooms, along with free shower facilities open 24/7. Benefit from 24-hour security and dedicated concierge service. Additionally, savor complimentary fresh coffee and pastries each morning while soaking in the picturesque campground views. RV/Camp Trailer pump-out and water delivery services are available through a third party, for a fee.

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  • 24-hour security
  • Dedicated concierge service
  • Complimentary fresh coffee and pastries in the morning to enjoy as you wake up to the best views in the campground (in our opinion)
  • Exclusive clean, private restrooms and free shower facilities open 24 hours per day
  • Free shuttle service to the Amphitheatre that drops you at a specified drop off location within the venue
  • Exiting is easy through a private driveway, with checkout at noon on the final day of camping
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The Terrace campground has additional parking available for Terrace camping guests who wish to bring an additional vehicle on site. Upon arrival at the Terrace entrance, the Terrace guest must indicate to the Terrace check-in staff that they wish to purchase a Terrace parking pass. Regardless of the number of vehicles, occupancy is limited to 6 persons per campsite. Campsites are assigned by vehicle type, and while efforts are made to accommodate groups, it's not always possible, especially with different setups like tents and RVs.

*All guests must be present and in the vehicle at the time of check-in at the Terrace entrance.

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Terrace FAQ